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"A man's manners are the mirror in which he shows his portrait."
- Johann Goethe
At The Etiquette School of Oklahoma, we are fully committed to helping people improve their manners by sharpening their interpersonal skills. Since 2004, we have groomed thousands of people in our etiquette 
Through varying course levels, The Etiquette School of Oklahoma prepares university level students with a unique finesse coaching for both social and professional settings.

Welcome to the Etiquette School of Oklahoma!

Are you comfortable during a business lunch, dinner or any other meeting? Do you look like someone who can be trusted? Do you know that how you relate with other people, handle your silverware and how you treat the wait personnel says a lot about you? If you don't want to spoil your chances of securing a business deal, getting a job or creating a new professional relationship, The Etiquette School of Oklahoma has a solution that is specially designed for you. 

We are one of the best etiquette and protocol companies committed to excellence in helping people sharpen their interpersonal skills, whether they are CEOs or pre-schoolers. We offer both social and business meeting etiquette training services to clients such as financial institutions, schools, political leaders, universities, corporations and country clubs to make them interact with greater ease and in the right manner.

At the Etiquette School of Oklahoma, we seek to offer universally accepted and contemporary etiquette programs in a professional way by evaluating the needs of specific people for protocol and etiquette training and come up with a suitable program that will meet their needs. We also undertake follow-up interviews to determine if the training is effective in the long-term.

Our etiquette training is designed to be fun and interactive by offering a relaxed learning atmosphere, which enables all our students to learn and grasp more. Whether you need the training to be done at your premises, in our training center or in any other location of choice, we promise to offer the same level of support, professionalism and attention to detail throughout the programs.

If you want to improve your first impressions or want to enhance your business etiquette, we promise to offer some rare tips that will place you as a leading business professional. Whether teaching children good manners or promoting good dining skills to corporate executives, our goal is to ensure that, our clients can present themselves with confidence, flair and style; we work with children to instill life skills and teach them the benefits of mannerly behavior.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you improve your etiquette; you will certainly be a different person by the end of the training.

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Dining Etiquette is quite possibly the most important aspect of ones personal persona. Whether in social settings, professional settings, or at home with family, the art of dining etiquette is an important social aspect. 
We have been thoroughly impressed by the high quality customer service program Jana Christian has customized for our bank. Jana worked diligently with our management team to provide a professional program that complimented our banks' mission statement. She creates a classroom setting that is enthusiastic, while teaching our employees how to practice good listening skills, make lasting impressions, and dress appropriately in the workplace. Jana's professionalism and creativity is superior. I highly recommend Jana Christian to any organization that wants to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Vice President, American Heritage Bank

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