The Etiquette School
of Oklahoma
Modern Manners for the Marketplace
The Etiquette School of Oklahoma is a leading etiquette and protocol company, committed to excellence in training CEO's to pre-schoolers.

Corporations, universities, financial institutions, country clubs, schools and political leaders from across our state have chosen The Etiquette School of Oklahoma for their social and business etiquette needs. 

Business expert Harvey Mackay stated, “All the top successful people that I have studied through the years possess exceptional business etiquette knowledge and skills.”

Good manners are not an option in our increasingly diverse fast-paced,high-tech world and whether or not we like it, we are judged by our public behavior. 

   "A man's manners are the mirror in which he shows his portrait."
                                                                             - Johann Goethe

Interactive and up-to-date programs are designed for all levels of your organization, are presented to large and small groups or even on an individual basis.  The Etiquette School of Oklahoma customizes programs that suit the unique needs of each client.  Training is conducted at the client’s location or venue of choice.

"People, like diamonds, have a basic market value, but it is only after they have been polished that the world will pay their real value."
-Willliam Thourlby
the etiquette school of oklahoma