"All the top successful people I have studied through the years possess exceptional business etiquette knowledge and skills."
- Harvey Mackay

Etiquette Training in the Corporate Arena.

  • Business etiquette - We hold regular business meeting etiquette and leadership workshops to equip people with the right skills to sharpen their interpersonal skills that speak positively about the company they represent even outside the company's premises.
  • Dining etiquette - Your composure and finesse at a business lunch or dinner meeting could mark the different between sealing and losing a major business deal for your organization; we strive to train everyone to dine with ease no matter the circumstances.
  • University etiquette - If you want to represent a true image of yourself in an interview, proper image counts, not just your resume. We have specialized training sessions to sharpen your interpersonal skills to increase the odds of securing your dream job.
  • Children and teens etiquette - If you care about your kid's manners, knowledge, values and skills, some etiquette training could go a long way to helping them to be open-minded, globally focused and a true representation of a properly mannered child.
  • Private coaching - We strongly believe in excellence in all our etiquette training programs whether training kids/teens manners or training CEOs business meeting etiquette to guarantee successful transformation of people's lives; we are passionate about sharpening skills and brightening futures for everyone we coach. 

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At The Etiquette School of Oklahoma, we are fully committed to helping people improve their manners by sharpening their interpersonal skills. Since 2004, we have groomed thousands of people in our etiquette and protocol training programs designed to make them be their best at interviews, corporate functions, business meetings and other areas of life. Our training programs entail:
We combine our professionalism, exceptional client relationships, integrity and attention to detail to help our clients in our training programs. Contact us today to schedule an etiquette training session; you will be amazed by the affordability and the results of our training sessions.

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We have been thoroughly impressed by the high quality customer service program Jana Christian has customized for our bank. Jana worked diligently with our management team to provide a professional program that complimented our banks' mission statement. She creates a classroom setting that is enthusiastic, while teaching our employees how to practice good listening skills, make lasting impressions, and dress appropriately in the workplace. Jana's professionalism and creativity is superior. I highly recommend Jana Christian to any organization that wants to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Vice President, American Heritage Bank
Modern manners for the marketplace